Job Evaluation and Salary Administrator Programs (JESAP)

Johanson Group has grown to provide business management support with a focus on human resources and on the highly utilized Job Evaluation and Salary Administration Program.  Over the years, Johanson Group has concentrated on providing cost-effective professional human resources and compensation management services to small and medium-sized organizations in both private and public sectors. JESAP is a program custom-developed by the Johanson Group. The program is built upon the firm’s proprietary JESAP methodology, which originated in 1985 and includes 15 compensable job valuing factors.

Business Planning and Management

Our two principal consultants have worked with numerous organizations on business planning and on-going management decision-making support.  We assist our clients with multi-year and annual planning support to foster growth and management of company resources.

Employee Compensation Plan Development and Maintenance

Utilizing internal job valuing and external pay comparisons will help organizations to develop and maintain pay programs that provide equitable compensation decisions for all employees based on their particular position and contribution to organization’s objectives and to administer employee pay range placement and pay increases in a manner that allows organizations to attract, motivate and retain competent and productive personnel.  In addition, the new compensation system will encourage fiscally sound and cost effective compensation decisions and provide for a system that is more transparent.

Executive Compensation

We meet with our clients to understand and develop competitive base and incentive compensation and retirement plans that promote targeted growth and related objectives for the organization as well as retain key senior executives.

Annual Market Pay Studies and Customized Studies

Market pay studies for Human Resources and Compensation regional professional associations, sector based market pay studies and customized compensation and benefits studies for our public and private client organizations.

Employee Surveys

We work with existing and new clients to develop and complete employee surveys to evaluate current organizational and cultural evaluations and sentiment of employees.