Helping clients envision new possibilities is a talented consultant’s greatest asset. At Johanson Group, our combined 65 years of experience in all facets of business management enables us to offer the insight and confidence it takes to produce meaningful results. We’ve helped Fortune 500 companies face the management challenges that come with a rapidly expanding staff and customer base. We’ve also helped new business ventures map out their company’s future and prepare proposals for business loans. But our advisors won’t come at you with a prepared lecture. Our signature approach is to listen and fully understand your company so that we can then help you realize your own unique vision.

Every good manager strives to help his or her company reach a new level of productivity. Our goal at Johanson Group is to help people make that important next step. But no two companies are alike, and there is no single road map for growth. That’s why we believe so strongly in a hands-on approach that allows us to get to the core of your company’s management issues. By tailoring our approach, we’ve helped countless clients overcome the hurdles impeding their path. Our continuing relationships with clients prove our investment in their ongoing success. Whatever the challenge, we have the tools and know-how to help you reach that all important next level and then set your sights on an even higher goal.

In the past, you may have encountered so-called consultants who left nothing behind except a canned program, a fancy report and a big bill. But at Johanson Group, our motto is “results are everything.” Each of our trained experts has extensive real-world experience, and we know that workable solutions are key to success. We stake our reputation on our ability to affect real positive change in each new project we take on. By offering a fresh perspective, trusted advice and solid solutions, we give you the answers your company needs to take flight.